Winter is Here: 4 Signs Your Home Isn't Properly Insulated

Summer is officially over. The cold, winter weather is starting to settle in. Now's the time to make sure that your home is properly insulated against the inclement weather outside. Without proper insulation, your home won't stay as warm as it should, which could lead to more than just colder inside temperatures. In fact, improper insulation can lead to ruptured water pipes, especially when the temperatures in the attic begin to dip. Before the temperatures hit freezing, look around your home and make sure it's properly insulated. Here are four signs you need to look for.

Walls Are Cold to the Touch

If you're not sure about your insulation, it's a good idea to take the touch test. This test will help you quickly identify insulation deficiencies deep inside your walls. Place your hands on the interior walls that face the exterior of your home. If you have adequate insulation, your walls will be warm to the touch. However, if your walls are cold to the touch, that means that there isn't enough wall insulation to keep the cold temperatures out.

Home Loses Heat Quickly

If your heater is constantly running, but your home isn't getting any warmer, you might have a serious problem with your insulation. When there isn't adequate wall and attic insulation in your home, warm air will be lost through the walls and ceiling. When that happens, your heater is going to have to work overtime to keep your home a comfortable temperature during the winter.

Your Insulation Hasn't Been Updated in Years

If you can't remember the last time you had your insulation updated, it's time to take care of that. Over time, insulation can deteriorate and lose its effectiveness. For maximum protection, you need to have your insulation updated at least once every few years.

You Can See Gaps

If you can see gaps in your attic insulation, you've got a problem. Those gaps provide easy targets for energy loss. This can be a real problem when it comes to keeping your home warm. If you've got gaps in the coverage, there are couple of simple steps you can take to fix the problem. First, you can fill large gaps using loose-fill insulation. When used to fill gaps, this type of insulation can be installed by hand. Second, fill small gaps, such as spaces around water pipes, with spray foam insulation. This type of insulation will expand and harden once it's in place.

Now that winter is here and the temperatures are about to drop, you need to make sure that your insulation will do the job properly. Be sure to contact TrendGreen as soon as possible. We'll be able to get your home ready for the cold.

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