Would you like to be the Entertaining King? Ask us to build you the ultimate Custom Outdoors Pizza Over.

Custom Outdoors Indoors Pizza Oven 

Take open-air entertaining way beyond the grill with ideas from our own backyard makeover
Throw a party in the ultimate outdoor pizza kitchen. A unique new concept in outdoors entertaining combines a world-class organic oven with the added advantage of a professional cutting board, convenient wood storage, and custom built at your home fully assembled and ready to cook.

Raise your level of gourmet barbecuing and enjoy the best in wood fired cuisine – cook perfect pizzas, artisan breads and succulent hearth roasted meats effortlessly. This gourmet oven comes equipped with:
  • Numerous multi-function storage units
  • Side-mounted stainless steel prep area
  • Thermocoated insulated door
  • A built-in stainless steel barbecue
  • Includes stainless steel peel, laser thermometer, ash rake & hearth brush
Blower door test
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Having a pizza oven built, it's going to be amazing! Rego is so experienced and talented, that there is nothing he can't do, he painted my house, fixed my travertine floors, and did some drywall repair. He showed me his past work and just blow me away. He also fixed my spa that was leaking! So now it's the brick wood fire pizza oven. Is the new project! And he always cleans up !

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