The Kitchen is the Heart of the home, design a Tailored Kitchen


Full Kitchen Remodel 

Happiness is a kitchen full of love
No room is quite as multi-use as the kitchen in your home, it's a versatile room to prepare food, entertain guests, and  share meals; the kitchen is a place where meals and memories are made. The kitchen space still remains the most popular home remodel followed by the bathroom, and is the best return on investment.

Here at TrendGreen we take into account the Universal Design concept when creating a kitchen which means smart ergonomics design  suitable for young and old. The key factor when designing the layout of the kitchen is first function and then aesthetic which keeps its value and always feels right to current and future occupants.

Taking into account function and aesthetic, our third focus in creating the ideal space is through sustainability that  creates a healthy and energy efficient environment. Choosing Energy Star products reduces energy consumption and saves utility costs. Furthermore, products free of formaldehyde glues and low volatile organic compounds reduces toxic off-gassing creating a healthier interior space.

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I would like to thank Goodie our project manager and his team for a job well done, and it was done ahead of time. Each time we had questions or concerns, they were handled in a timely manner. Thanx TrendGreen

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