Your home is your Fortress protect it with a Healthy Solid Foundation


& Repair  

A solid structure sits on a solid as a rock foundation 
Must likely homeowners  ignore those little cracks around  doors and windows throughout their home, and hesitate to  deal with any foundation issues. many homeowners relate  foundation repair with being costly and being an  inconvenience to their daily life. Here in California due to extreme droughts and sporadic rains we're dealt with subsidence or sinking of the earth due to the clay soil we inhabit. Taking into account old techniques of the construction trade and improper compaction of soil, we are left with mistakes of the past that our hunting homeowners today.

Taking into account many different aspects of your home's foundation cause and effect, TrendGreen  experts will evaluate all aspects of your foundation to pinpoint the root problem. Whether  you have an  issues with your Slab Floor, Foundation Soil , Misalignments or Cracks don't wait too long before taking care of these issues.

Once we're on the job our engineer's use their scientific knowledge and skills to develop a tailored solution for your home foundation issues.

In addition to repiar, TrendGreen deals with new construction and builds  solid foundations up to IBC industry standard, state/local codes and seismic principles for California. let us provide you with a free onsite inspection and consultation

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I contacted trendgreen to checkout my foundation and to give me an estimate for any repairs needed. They were responsive, on time, and sent Andrew who was very helpful and knowledgeable. Andrew did a thorough check and with the outmost honesty said nothing is wrong with your foundation and no recommendation for repairs. I was really impressed with their honesty and helpfulness. I would highly recommend them.

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