A freshly painted and stained wood deck
Improve Your Outdoor Space with a Deck, Patio and Porch 

Deck, Patio and Porch

Whether it's deck or patio, porch we can get you the best results.
We place a high value on collaboration with clients, as it is the key to creating a functional and beautiful design that is tailored to home environment and each client’s unique style, and building an environment that is comfortable for you to spend time and enjoy for years.
Trend Green/Sterling is a team of highly qualified professionals in deck design and other outdoor living solutions. We have experience in the design and installation of decks, patios, pergolas and Fences. We provide a number of custom solutions that fit our client's specific needs so that they can enjoy the full range of Los Angeles’s outdoor weather. As a leading deck builder in Los Angeles, we believe in providing quality, Value and professionalism to our clients.
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I contacted trendgreen to checkout my outdoors deck request and to give me an estimate for any rto build it. They were responsive, on time, and sent Andrew who was very helpful and knowledgeable. Andrew did a thorough check and with the outmost honesty provided me with an estimate. I was really impressed with their honesty and helpfulness. I would highly recommend them.

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